Getting to Grips with VCE Physics

Event Details

La Trobe Science Outreach and the Regional STEM Centre have partnered to run two VCE Outreach Physics workshops in Wodonga.

The workshops offer supplementary learning for VCE Year 12 regional students in two units critical to students’ School Assessed Coursework (SAC) and ATAR results – Transmission of Electrical Power and The Photoelectric Effect.

Transmission of Electric Power (VCE Physics Unit 3):

Using the principles of physics, students investigate how the transmission of electrical power over long distances results in the loss of most of it, using a kit model that simulates the transmission of power through resistive transmission lines.

Photoelectric Effect (VCE Physics Unit 4):

Students investigate the phenomenon of the photoelectric effect and quantum mechanics.  Using a mercury discharge lamp and a diffraction grating, they test Einstein’s explanation of the phenomenon based on German physicist Max Planck’s quantum hypothesis, further testing Einstein’s theory using graduated filters to investigate the dependence of stopping potential with light intensity.

Dates and Sessions

Thursday, 27 July 2017

  • Session 1: 9.00-10.45
  • Session 2: 11.00-12.45
  • Session 3: 1.15-3.00


Duration: 1.75 hours per workshop
Cost: $30 per student (two workshops), funding support may be available
Capacity:  max 20 students per session


Michael Rosenbrock for bookings
T: 02 6043 7588    E: [email protected]

Dr Jessica Kvansakul for funding support and invoicing
T: 03 9479 6516    E: [email protected]